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Product QualityTo assure you a lasting and beautiful heirloom, we use only the highest quality materials. Our furs are commercial garment tanned top grade American pelts, orign-assured. Only full case-skinned pelts are used, not pieces, so that we can choose the best sections of the pelt for our pillows. Our pelts are hand-selected for the length and density of the fur, as well as the size and shading.

As you might expect, this degree of selectivity extends to our leathers as well. Only full grain luxury grade upholstery and garment leathers are used: cowhide, calfskin, deerskin, lambskin, pigskin and sheepskin. We never work from scrap leather; only full hides, so that we can choose the very best part of the hide for our pillows. Only hides that have been tanned by hand are acceptable to us because we believe that the eye and the hand of a true leather tanning master is essential to creating the ultimate in softness and durability that we seek in our leathers.

The most unique accessories are sourced and used for our pillows, including handcrafted silver, brass and copper conchos, hand-hitched horsehair, natural hooves, horns, teeth and claws, natural shells and stones.

And of course, the highest quality crafting techniques are used. We use garment sewing techniques, by hand and by machine, including grading, skiving and curving seams so that they lie flat. We hand roll our piping to finish edges with finesse. We hand carve our leather and hand set our conchos. We selectively cut our fur pelts ourselves to emphasize the pattern and shading inherent to the particular pelt. And, like all craftsmen who are proud of their work, we sign each piece by branding it – – yes, with a branding iron! – – with our Stargazer Mercantile logo, the star within the circle.

We believe that you will be delighted with any item you purchase from us, not only for its heirloom quality and unique design, but also because it expresses the heart and soul of the American West.