The Harvey Girls

Harvey Girls Picture

In the 1870s, there weren’t exactly a slew of career opportunities for “respectable” women. These women weren’t familiar with the term “glass ceiling,” but they knew a thing or two about dirt floors!

A Healthy Dose of Western Lingo

With cold, flu and general “crud” season upon us, it seems appropriate for this installment of “Western Lingo” to investigate a few “health related” phrases.  You’ll be surprised to discover that they may not be nearly as “Western” in their origin as you once believed!

Total Yodel!

Photo of a Man Yodeling

I don’t know about you, but there’s something about yodeling that never fails to make me smile. Maybe it’s because I like listening to people intentionally making their voices crack. (Hey, I can make my voice crack without even trying; I call it, “singing”.)

Whiplash the Cowboy Monkey

As a kid growing up, I was pretty sure that being “an adult” meant getting to eat candy whenever I wanted to and staying up late on weeknights. I had visions of eating chocolate cake for breakfast and washing it down with grape Kool-Aid,

The Chuck Wagon

Long before food trucks were dishing up Indian food, Korean barbecue and fish tacos to hungry urban dwellers, the humble chuck wagon was serving up nourishment to cowboys in the Old West.