Meet the Artist


My ancestors emigrated to Leadville, Colorado during the silver mining rush of the late 1800′s, and there they remained, with a brief split to Denver to open a harness business in the early 1900′s. Living in the West made a real impression on me, and on my artistic style. After painting and crafting for many years, with various materials and techniques, I have returned to my roots, and now focus my creativity on producing high quality leather and fur home decor in the historic styles of the American West, as artist, designer and owner of Stargazer Mercantile.

But Stargazer Mercantile is much more than just the effort and vision of one person! While I focus on designing new items and crafting, our staff does a variety of support tasks, such as cutting leather, stretching hides, making fringe and piping, packing and shipping, and just about anything else that they can to pitch in and help. It’s a team effort!

As the artist and designer of our home decor items, I think of myself as a creative storyteller. I just do it in a different way than most! I thoughtfully choose a historic subject for each item – – say, the American Bison or the Texas Cattle Barons, as examples – – and I translate the history and ideals of that subject and incorporate it  into the design of a very special item that you’ll be proud to live with. We create decorative pillows, room accents, table decor, plus other items yet to be imagined. We use only the highest quality traditional materials such as deerskin, cowhide, lizard and snake skin and indigenous furs, such as coyote, fox, beaver and deer. And we use the highest quality crafting techniques, such as tooling, hitching horsehair, buck stitching, lacing, braiding, hand and machine sewing, and we add some very high quality modern techniques as well! The quality of our items is extremely important to us, and we stand behind every item we sell with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Here at Stargazer Mercantile, our focus is history, and our goal is to honor that history by telling the story of the American West the way it was meant to be told. We hope that we accomplish that by making beautiful, authentic objects that you will love living with, and by sharing the historic meaning behind each item with you. I also share my love for Western history and the Western lifestyle with you in my blog, THE CAMPFIRE CHRONICLE, and I hope that you will stop by for a visit. At Stargazer Mercantile, our art and craft – – both written and visual – – comes from the heart . . . it is an expression of our love and respect for the American West.  Thanks for stopping by, and. . .

Happy Trails, y’all!

Anita Lequoia